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6/30/20 5:24 AM
Local superhero Captain Awesome attends his annual check-up, but his usual doctor has been replaced. There's definitely something funny going on...
6/8/20 5:01 AM
5/16/20 5:01 PM
Jacob has never masturbated, and his doctor is determined to teach him a fundamental truth about masturbation: It's perfectly normal.
4/1/20 5:13 AM
Men from the FBI's Supernatural Investigation Unit encounter a very particular fugitive, who seems to be part of a cult.
2/2/20 4:48 PM
The Doctor decides it's time to harvest the Captain and sets a trap, will the gallant Captain escape the Doctor's evil machinations? Back in the present day the bookshop has been burgled.
11/21/19 9:57 PM
9/19/19 5:32 PM
8/28/19 9:44 PM
Mandrill finally gets access to one of the lesser known genuises in New York in the Mad Thinker. But will Mandrill kill him due to his condescending nature towards the phermone powered monkey and jeopardize his own plans?e
8/11/19 1:49 PM
Evan just needs some mental clarity, but his boyfriend wants him living in a fog.
7/30/19 5:47 AM