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A high school senior notices that the new student is different after winter break
4/1/20 9:58 AM
staritman 1
The two detecitves are on a case and before they know it the hypnotic cock has taken control of them
9/12/19 2:45 PM
Throne 5/20/18 11:29 PM
Mr.Dick 12/22/15 6:27 AM
A series of one shots featuring my characters from the Kota Cock
8/1/13 8:00 PM
Strange things have been happening to me, it's like my cock has a mind of it's own
3/20/12 8:00 PM
Dan's been enslaved to the Kota Cock, or has he?
3/5/12 7:00 PM
Little did I know that once I saw the Kota Cock, it would be all I'd think about.
3/2/12 7:00 PM
wishbone blue
A straight, unsuspecting computer tech is seduced and corrupted by an advanced piece of malware...
12/27/09 7:00 PM
I woke up with my belly full and a feeling I owed Joe something special.
5/8/08 8:00 PM
Glenn Howe just not only takes control of companies but also of their owners
9/15/06 8:00 PM