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7/22/20 6:05 AM
1277 words
7/20/20 10:06 PM
Marc adjusts to life as Blaidd, some history of the Wuulf
10/26/19 7:03 PM
1216 words
A demon is summoned to humiliate a bully, but the demon has something else in mind for the men of this world
2/6/19 1:56 PM
4887 words
Twins apply for a freks porn site audition
2/24/18 4:51 PM
1837 words
a continuation of the mascot story. They only get rough and raunchier from here on out.
9/6/16 3:24 AM
5382 words
Time travel, transformation and a little sex.
9/22/11 8:00 PM
A young executive is has a choice – change what his business does or learn to deal with primal urges
7/8/08 8:00 PM
3622 words
1/4/07 7:00 PM