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8/7/20 9:31 AM
8/2/20 7:46 AM
5579 words
A camera repairman is excited about his next job: fixing a classic polaroid camera! He has to give it a few new parts, which has some unexpected, transformative, effects after he takes a few 'test' shots.
7/28/20 12:03 AM
2455 words
7/24/20 9:39 PM
16960 words
7/18/20 8:52 AM
After Mr Jones massage, Muscle model Martin has started to have vivid gay dreams, feeling confused and stressed after a workout he heads to his apartment to relax but nothing can prepare him for what he see out his window...
7/14/20 9:14 PM
Author Hidden
A successful young lawyer contracts a demon and finds his life changes substantially--but he can't remember it as it happens.
7/14/20 7:21 AM
7/12/20 1:38 PM
6860 words
7/11/20 7:37 AM
Tom learns the next stage to his blackmailer's plan of turning him into a slave
7/9/20 12:14 PM