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Dr. Taron Burns has to teach a second year liberal arts course in order to satisfy the terms of his tenure. This year, he's talking about gender roles and how they help and hinder progress in broader human society. Only, something strange is happening: his class is shrinking. He doesn't know what to make of the jockboys that stay in his class, but the way they look at him is _distracting_.
5/23/20 8:55 PM
Adam's work meetings suddenly get a lot more interesting...
5/17/20 9:55 AM
The boys meet the coaches and spend a hot night
5/7/20 6:02 AM
A young man is drawn to a mysterious ad online and feels compelled to meet the one who posted it. Little does he know this is the first step down a path of obedience, servitude, and a lifetime of blissful depravity.
5/7/20 5:59 AM
Philip is a hardworking farmer on the land owned by the overbearing Rody. Only he doesn’t know what Rody has up his sleeves.
5/6/20 7:35 PM
5/5/20 1:42 AM
4/29/20 12:46 PM
Having made a rash decision, Greg tries to fix his mistake only to find out he’s too late.
4/29/20 12:35 PM
A story inspired by one I've come back to several times by Terinas Tiger; Luke gets some mysterious bottles to try from his brother that he wants to share with his girlfriend.
4/2/20 7:13 PM
When the world is taken over by an evil mastermind with a diaper fetish, only one man (might maybe) be able to stop him: Bryson Ryder, Rebellion Leader.
3/31/20 12:46 PM