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7/12/20 1:38 PM
6860 words
7/11/20 7:37 AM
7/9/20 12:07 PM
2273 words
On his way back to school, a college football star makes the mistake of pissing off a "fan".
7/7/20 9:42 AM
The story entails how a college boy seduces and dominates the men in his life. Inpired by true events.
7/5/20 7:29 AM
Recovering from being totally mind-fucked. WTF does he have planned...
7/5/20 7:24 AM
10445 words
An almost perfect weekend doesn't end quite as Roger had hoped.
7/4/20 5:36 PM
7/2/20 9:03 PM
The boys wake up following their wild party, and are introduced to their new frat daddy properly, who goes over the new house rules with them all.
7/1/20 6:12 AM
Muscle model Martin has recently moved into Adonis Village. After an intense workout he goes back to is apartment with a sore body, However Mr Jones offers Martin a relaxing massage...
6/30/20 3:09 PM