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Terinas Tiger 12/29/19 10:17 AM
Jackson is one of the best college football players out there, however, what will happen when he wears a new tanktop that mysteriously appears?
12/4/19 7:23 AM
a second installment in my realistic (mostly) hypnosis work; it's been a while but I'm getting back into writing and thought I should continue this piece.
9/6/19 5:14 AM
A down on his luck young man finds Kye's store, looking for a job. Kye is all to happy to offer an interview.
6/4/19 6:03 AM
The Fate of Desire
Raul recaps his first day of the festival with Chad, and meets up with his new friend Carlos for Day 2 of Coachella.
4/20/19 11:35 AM
Ayyy 2/13/19 5:35 PM
ghostwriterde 10/14/18 8:55 PM
Wesley Bracken
The only thing certain in the city is Change. That, and that everyone in the city has a story.
2/7/18 1:08 AM
The cuteification ray changes a man, one step at a time, into the cuter, happier, more easily manipulated version of themselves. And it is not in the right hands.
1/28/18 4:08 PM
It can be hard to behave one's self with complete power over another...
10/22/17 9:50 PM
screamingmoist 10/3/17 10:51 PM 5/15/17 1:15 AM
Cris Kane
As the night winds down, three of the guys recuperate from their fight, while things become romantic for the other three.
9/1/16 5:01 AM
Blank Rasa
Mark gets a letter telling him how the world has changed, and how he's changed with it
2/25/16 2:28 AM
A young lawyer gets to know one of his older colleagues better on the company retreat.
10/23/12 8:00 PM