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Cris Kane
Brett is annoyed that the gay pride parade won't let him get where he wants to go.
1/21/19 10:20 AM
A college boy's volunteer time at a homeless shelter doesn't go as he expected
1/2/19 8:57 PM
When a mysterious force alters the population, only one thing is certain -- if you see it, you turn into a perverted, gay freak. (Bird Box parody)
12/31/18 1:45 PM
Ryan Fuentes
There is always a double standard around many communities. At Southaven University A&M, men are held in higher regard to what happens regardless of consequence. Someone here is determined to help save a guy from becoming a product of such a terrible mindset with just a little influence from some of his natural given abilities
11/27/18 5:25 AM
Derek has to pay for the stupid lack of judgement made by his fraternity brother during a party
11/24/18 9:24 PM
Derek Williams
Eddie tries to beat the curse, while Matt works against him. Andrew shows everyone what a slutty himbo he's become.
11/3/18 8:46 AM
A group of four YouTube stars investigate a mansion that isn't quite as abandoned as they thought
10/31/18 7:07 PM
person333311 10/30/18 9:14 AM
Derek Williams
After Ned leaves the bar, Andy meets a couple of Devon's friends.
10/29/18 6:00 AM
Derek Williams
Eddie has a hard time thinking straight. Devon enjoys the new Eddie.
10/29/18 5:41 AM
Derek Williams
Ned can't believe that Devon wants to hook up with him. There's a catch.
10/20/18 8:01 AM
Derek Williams
Simon has a girl on the side. His buddy Jason helps keep the wife out of it.
10/17/18 6:55 AM
Four young vandals learn that it's bad luck to destroy jack o'lanterns on Halloween.
10/15/18 6:02 PM
Eros isn't exactly unhappy with his lot in life, to induce lust in humans at random, but Eris proposes a larger game that intrigues the capricious god. Imagine: the pure fun of chaos and lust working together...
10/3/18 6:32 AM
A gay wrestling porn site hosts a live stream featuring two straight guys. Little do they know that the wrestling isn't the porn.
6/11/18 10:02 AM
Well, James may have made a little error in judgement somewhere along the lines.
6/2/18 10:09 PM
Finnlay experiments with Jackson and researches the curse, then forms a plan for his own gain....
2/24/18 2:49 AM
Jacksons transformation continues...
2/18/18 1:38 AM
Jackson damages an ancient artefact, and is cursed to become a living version of it...
2/11/18 2:47 AM
It's been quite a while since Jason was given some new commands to live his life by. Has he changed at all?
2/8/18 7:03 PM
The power to have your deepest thoughts manifest into reality, is it a gift or a curse?
10/9/17 2:56 AM
Two friends who end up catcalling the wrong woman across the street
10/3/17 8:30 PM
Willie Cici
Leo likes to play with his daddy. Luckily, he has two 'papis' . . .
8/19/17 4:36 AM
Final basher appreciates a new lifestyle
5/29/17 5:22 PM
A cursed compression top will transform its wearer beyong his wildest dreams.
4/28/17 6:40 PM
Daniel Gordon gets hexed to become a submissive, cock-hungry bottom as revenge, and gets dominated by his roommate.
3/13/17 5:23 PM
Jake quickly learns not to accept dares from his friends, especially when they involve old and abandoned military boots.
2/4/17 7:56 PM
A young man uses a spell from his homeland, but it works a little too well
7/29/16 4:03 AM
Sneaking into abandoned funhouses is never a good idea.
7/6/16 2:24 AM
Tim is made aware of what is happening. Brian, the wrestler finds out too.
6/9/16 11:24 PM