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Jackson decides to use the remote again, after his last incident. But what new features can be explored?
12/13/18 3:47 PM
The Cumderpants underwear brand strives to provide only the best pleasure.
12/5/18 2:04 PM
Jackson finds a remote on his bed with very intriguing functionalities.
12/4/18 3:32 PM
person333311 10/30/18 9:14 AM
Marvin and Marcus continue on their separate paths to a new life.
8/15/18 8:49 PM
When men's dicks start leaking pre constantly their minds start changing along with their sexual preferences.
7/24/18 6:09 AM
Nash finally gets the cock of his dreams... with absolutely no drawbacks.
1/17/18 12:14 AM
[Back via popular demand] Kevin has a pretty chill life... how will he handle it when his balls gradually begin to produce more cum?
6/27/17 4:21 PM
You should really listen when someone gives you a disclaimer, or you might bite off more than you can chew.
6/26/17 12:52 AM
Hugh Jassman
The game of Mafia comes to an end. Find out who wins and who gets fucked.
4/3/17 8:19 PM
Three men are trapped in a Think Tank. They quickly realize this wasn't the job they had signed up for.
11/5/16 4:21 PM
Willie Cici
College students, strapped for cash, decide to take a chance on a business venture - - -
7/25/15 1:13 AM
Matty 6/7/10 8:00 PM
Jason is fucked by muscle freaks and transformed into Kurg: Cum-fountain for some tropical liliputs
12/25/09 7:00 PM
A single straight man steals an innocious-looking amulet while on an island getaway...
5/5/09 8:00 PM
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