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2211 words
Randy's empathy for a young lady leads him to a new role -- minister of punishment.
6/26/20 4:55 PM
Chuck just can't get a hang of math, even with the help of his tutor, Harshad. But it turns out they can help each other out, since there's plenty Chuck can teach Harshad, too.
6/26/20 8:06 AM
3669 words
Jake just does what he's told.
6/23/20 5:17 PM
4145 words
Rhys Harry Brownlee, 'Harry' to his workmates and friends, was on the verge of nervous breakdown. His brother-in-law recommended meditation, using an app . . .
6/22/20 6:54 PM
Georg is sick and tired of Ben making a mess in their apartment, but now Ben seems a little sick and Georg's just gonna have to take care of him.
6/19/20 6:31 AM
2257 words
Brett never expected to find a burglar in his salon. "Your money or your life" . . . which one did the burglar want?
6/7/20 8:03 PM
3530 words
Berto is unknowingly the subject to the power of the cards that will change his life for the better
6/4/20 10:51 AM
5356 words
Faisal is getting fed up with his roommate coming and going at odd hours and behaving oddly - what is Dave hiding from him?!
5/26/20 9:28 PM
At the end of a session, your Master brings you home and you act on your training, reliving your time in the Machine.
5/23/20 7:31 AM
1482 words
5/18/20 6:12 PM