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7/7/20 3:05 PM
1177 words
7/3/20 7:23 PM
3669 words
Jake just does what he's told.
6/23/20 5:17 PM
2936 words
Victor learns the truth, how his life has become dictated the 10 Basic Rules . . .
6/22/20 6:44 PM
2809 words
6/16/20 5:17 AM
Now that Fareed finally has his story straight, it’s time to play the game and get this cum camel over his hump... (Set in the world of NANOwriter’s excellent Truth or Dare series)
6/13/20 2:36 PM
3118 words
The Arch Demon Malgreth grows tired of the repetitive use of his aging sluts and craves creation of a new kind of slave. He plans to kidnap and convert two straight alpha jocks into his perfect little sluts. Filth, cum, and stench run amok as the two best friends are pulled deep into the seat of hellish pleasure.
6/11/20 11:00 AM
Ethan's friends take him out on the town, but he slips away to go to the nearby gay club - and discovers the club has an attached bathhouse.
6/8/20 9:17 PM
1137 words
Steve opens his eyes and find himself in his favorite vacation camping site, but something is up . . .
6/7/20 10:09 PM
The Machine teaches your very muscles and orgasm to be subservient to your Master.
6/6/20 5:26 AM