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transformheaven 11/3/18 10:04 PM
person333311 10/30/18 9:14 AM
Clive stops in at an empty gallery and marvels at the art
7/23/18 3:29 PM
A guy tries to get away from football, and ends up joining the team...
7/17/18 10:07 PM
Happy Endings
Oh boy, another one of those pesky emails. Well, now's a good a time as any to change your personal settings!
6/8/18 12:54 AM
When a man can't control his lust, he loses himself to his inner beast: a werewolf.
5/2/18 9:44 PM
Nicky Noxville
Derek goes to the frat house and shows off his new tattoo. Will his brothers help him take care of his new itch?
9/16/17 11:26 PM
Willie Cici
Billy and his friends go hiking in the woods . . .
9/14/17 3:05 PM
Andy meets Xilf, the source of all his timey wimey power. He puts the pen to use on a couple of irksome missionaries at his front door.
9/5/17 12:16 PM
coach Robert wants a new player
8/22/17 6:49 PM
For three friends on holiday, their lives finally change for good...
8/1/17 11:28 PM
[Back via popular demand] Kevin has a pretty chill life... how will he handle it when his balls gradually begin to produce more cum?
Insufficient Tags
6/27/17 4:21 PM
Caedmon's Cock
I woke up in the middle of the club with basketball butt cheeks, covered in cum, and surrounded by a circle jerk
6/2/17 5:23 AM
Alex continues his reign, Professor Simons grows his numbers, and a new man enters the scene.
4/24/17 2:34 AM
another regular day of Boy-Sloan in his routine life. oh, is it? DEDICATED TO MASTER MARC
4/9/17 9:47 PM
Papa Werebear
A young twenty-something man finds that cat-fishing a Daddy Bear can have unforeseen consequences.
4/4/17 4:05 AM
Hugh Jassman
The game of Mafia comes to an end. Find out who wins and who gets fucked.
4/3/17 8:19 PM
The Extractor
Further training of an marine pilot at the compound.
3/23/17 7:36 AM
The Extractor
A marine pilot gets special training at a top secret military facility.
3/23/17 7:32 AM
Inanimate Transformer
Five trans-formative mind bending shorts from my overactive imagination
12/23/16 1:36 AM
Kevin has a pretty chill life... how will he handle it when his balls gradually begin to produce more cum?
11/27/16 6:14 AM
A department store's new marketing campaign leaves customers satisfied and eager to come back.
8/17/16 9:39 PM 7/19/16 11:26 PM
A scientist working on a chemical to make criminals talk to the cops makes a terrible mistake...
7/17/16 8:38 PM
Texmandex 6/3/16 1:52 AM
Jacob Lane
Damion's first night of programming is complete, so his dad decides to fill in his son on what's going on.
6/1/16 1:51 PM
Officer Bright finds himself back at Ruinu Inc.
12/30/15 12:34 PM
A man, with a history of stealing company secrets, suddenly finds himself in a situation he never imagined.
12/29/15 4:13 AM
Philip Faras
The jock heads on a trip to a wrestling meet
11/28/15 10:49 PM
Ky'Ro looks to find other hosts to increase his power
5/2/15 7:09 PM