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Just a man and his boyfriend enjoying a quiet day in when a stranger drops in with other plans.
5/14/20 8:21 PM
Now That he has Sammy, Dr. Gomez takes it upon himself to avenge his lover and change his best friend Tim “for the better”.
5/1/19 12:03 AM
5/20/18 11:29 PM
A man decides to look up an old flame and mend some bridges. The old flame's husband shouldn't mind afterwards.
5/17/18 12:08 AM
Noel thought Cyrus had gotten over Jami being his girlfriend. It turns out Cyrus was just playing the long game.
3/1/18 5:51 AM
Beware of visitors --- whoever they may be . . .
12/4/17 5:33 PM
Joseph's punishment for cheating continues to it's ultimate conclusion.
8/24/17 12:42 AM
Our small man has to learn to deal with his new place in the world. Features male shrinking, humiliation and BDSM
9/15/15 3:39 AM
2/10/15 10:49 PM
A mysterious bear-like man befriends Tim's wife. Then he takes over Tim's life. (foot fetish + betrayal)
1/22/15 1:39 PM