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Welcome to the cowboi cafe. Tonight, y'all get to have a short tour of everything that happens behind the secret door very few get to peek behind
3/23/20 9:02 AM
Willie Cici
Having earned his journeyman status, a sorcerer fights his boredom by traveling about . . .
2/9/20 9:17 AM
Drake Nightstorm
What happens when a cursed ring that’s intended for gay men to get revenge falls into the wrong hands? Let’s find out when…accidents happen, and the ring gets revenge.
1/18/20 12:40 AM
A series of stories about a rogue hypnotist in the wild west, based on a story by Hyptrance.
10/5/19 8:24 AM
Big Budd rides the mechanical bull... then Mac... then (finally) Dane.
6/22/19 5:07 AM
This is what happens when you break the rules of the Ranch!
6/5/19 7:03 PM
A fetish man enjoys his dream job as a rancher for men.
5/13/19 8:53 PM
A college psychology major uses his hypnotic skills to improve his summer situation on his father's dude ranch
3/11/19 5:42 AM
M. Greene 2/3/19 2:06 PM
Cris Kane
Spindly teen Nicholas is sent to work on a Texas ranch for the summer.
1/5/19 4:51 AM
Strange things have been happening everywhere.
10/21/18 7:26 AM
Tkhon 5/26/18 12:51 AM
The journal of a man as hypnotherapy changes him to be more willing to try new things
4/24/18 7:47 AM
Baralai 11/27/17 10:14 PM
Geoff wakes from his transformation and starts to work. He finds Seamus in the loft, who has forgotten who he is. The two bond and Geoff asks Seamus to stay. Geoff changes Seamus to be the ranch's new hand.
8/12/17 12:46 AM
Willie Cici
Bryce learns about himself from his dreams. Or does he . . .
7/28/17 4:34 AM
The next day dawns on the ranch. George and Seamus are ready to continue their trip, but Manuel starts the process to make George the son he and Buck need.
7/27/17 2:53 PM
A college student discovers that a weekend out in the country can have very transformative effects!
7/22/17 8:14 PM
George and Seamus have car trouble, leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere by the Hard C Ranch. The ranch hands assist the two and George develops an eye for one of them. After seeing their two guests, Manuel decides that one of them would be perfect for his and Buck's son.
7/21/17 10:56 PM
Two cowboys find love on a ranch in Texas. 25 years later, they are worried about what will happen to their ranch. One of the cowboys knows some magic that can help. Meanwhile, two college roommates are travelling from their university to the Texas coast for Spring Beak. The college boys are unaware that they will themselves on the ranch.
7/17/17 1:08 AM
A man's girlfriend convinces him to visit an X rated hypnosis show. He and the other men in the audience have their minds expanded.
7/10/17 9:02 PM
Willie Cici
Detective Rogers's new assignment has him annoyed . . .
3/16/17 6:09 PM
Alex found out that Justin wasn't the only gift.
1/12/17 5:30 PM
A man at the gas station is calling Jeff names, but what if he's right?
11/7/16 7:07 AM
another disturbing tale in the collection. For those with wicked minds.
5/7/16 2:38 PM
Canadian Cowboy
Paul and Andy's relationship continues with complications
1/26/16 6:12 AM
Canadian Cowboy
Paul and Andy's relationship continues with complications
1/26/16 6:09 AM
Canadian Cowboy
Paul discovers that not all gifted people are good.
1/21/16 1:50 AM
Willie Cici
The boys vacation during the Winter Break in a Caribbean paradise. Or do they?
12/4/14 12:08 AM
Willie Cici
Sky's dorm buddies learn about his new line of work.
11/28/14 4:48 PM