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Dennis gets a more hands on experience with an avatar, never giving Jese a proper chance to consider if he truly wants this...
7/15/20 7:55 AM
The football coach and a security officer attempt to uncover what is happening at the frat house, forcing Daddy to take matters into his own hands.
7/13/20 6:41 AM
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6/24/20 6:03 AM
2201 words
6/13/20 2:39 PM
Strangely, Jese isn't afraid of returning to the world of Star World after what happen last time he was in the Mindgear. Actually, he is quite curious, excited almost. Equally as excited, his Dennis...
6/4/20 4:52 PM
Devout catholic Jerome feels a sudden urge to get a full body wax, only to discover a terrible voodoo curse. He Hopes his God can save him... but that's not important right now!.
5/31/20 8:13 PM
7783 words
Lucas is very late to his class because of his friend, but what is this guy doing in front of the class?
5/30/20 4:30 AM
5954 words
Hugh doesn't get to go home with his crush at the bar, but finds a consolation prize instead--someone who needs his help desperately, but doesn't know it yet.
5/23/20 10:17 PM
5272 words
Hugh wakes up to discover horns growing out of his head. He finds that he can now help people in ways they never thought possible--and he might help himself along the way too.
5/23/20 7:30 AM
4/11/20 8:53 PM