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When they try on their new "Blue Strong" bracelets, the officers on the Pineview police force join a whole new brotherhood...
6/30/20 10:31 AM
10143 words
Officer Michael Campbell suddenly realises that their police department needs new uniforms, and it has something to do with his newfound understanding of a cop's role in society.
6/28/20 8:58 PM
A day in the life of London’s hardest working policeman. Set in [and heavily inspired by] the post-apocalyptic universe of Xavier Hick’s Carriers and Donors / Bill Drake’s Cornell-TX on
6/26/20 9:42 PM
3589 words
Captain Collins and Detective Roberts carry out the plan to make the day shift into the Enforcers of Ari'seth
6/26/20 8:07 AM
2688 words
Officer Humpme have a life-altering meeting in the Chief's office.
6/23/20 5:18 PM
5240 words
A police officer gets called to a former rehab patient’s home, only to get a little “rehabilitation” himself.
6/23/20 4:26 AM
5436 words
Michael try to repair the big stuff.
6/14/20 5:41 PM
5364 words
A group of corrupt motorcycle cops are assigned to an experimental retraining program run by a strange doctor.
6/11/20 11:10 AM
1901 words
Detective Richard Harris has the unpleasant task of enforcing store closures in West Hollywood. One store did not appreciate the detective's work . . .
6/6/20 4:49 PM
3458 words
Officer Humpme needs to get creative for an important assignment.
6/3/20 4:54 AM