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Possessed by a sexual poltergeist, the man cruises a lit gay neighborhood to be used and screwed with.
5/13/20 9:45 AM
A horny ghost makes his way into a house and spots himself a hot guy to possess.
4/25/20 9:22 AM
A Parody of Derek Williams' excellent story "Hey, You're Straight Right" The story is how some people whether gay or straight are just to set in their ways to ever change
3/13/20 8:51 AM
11/26/19 12:13 PM
Billy is treated to the best show of his life.
10/28/18 7:30 AM
8/16/16 1:50 AM
Rich from selling his tech stocks, David hopes to improve his love life with a makeover from a mysterious shop in Chinatown.
6/29/14 7:12 PM
Tanner has a jealous boyfriend. Cole can't wait to make him jealous.
5/15/14 10:45 PM