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2273 words
On his way back to school, a college football star makes the mistake of pissing off a "fan".
7/7/20 9:42 AM
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After an incident using magic on his roommate, Zylan finds himself quickly tempted by an unfamiliar book of spells
7/6/20 8:16 AM
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Something weird was happening on campus, and Manny is determined to get to the bottom of it.
7/4/20 8:24 PM
Adam enjoys the benefits of his new powers with Coach Joel and decides that Trent needs some additional changes.
7/4/20 2:50 PM
Geoff gets his induction as Pine assigns him his new side-job.
7/3/20 5:40 PM
7/2/20 11:26 AM
With some help, Jeffrey makes a narrow escape from Carl, and survives to end of the round.
6/29/20 4:54 PM
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Tony doesn't like how his friend Matt keeps hanging out with a guy and follows him out into the forest.
6/29/20 5:20 AM
Leo struggles with being a good mind controller, so Mike volunteers to help him with that.
6/26/20 8:08 AM
Chuck just can't get a hang of math, even with the help of his tutor, Harshad. But it turns out they can help each other out, since there's plenty Chuck can teach Harshad, too.
6/26/20 8:06 AM