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Willie Cici
Seth learns that he may have to pay for the sins of the past . . .
3/3/18 7:10 PM
Craig and Nate go to the doctor.
2/8/18 12:14 AM
Willie Cici
Travel the cities of Europe and experience the tastes of the continent . . .
1/17/18 5:07 AM
King Garth seeks revenge for his plight with some magical jewellery
9/4/17 11:45 AM
Wrestling coaches are on the way to becoming the new canine unit for the military.
7/20/17 1:59 AM
Willie Cici
Marc's girlfriend talks him into a shopping spree . . .
4/8/17 4:42 AM
Douglas Benjamin
Toby and Mark are a young gay couple in love, and the Christmas gift of a collar gives their sex life a wild jolt.
12/7/16 6:10 PM
Three men are trapped in a Think Tank. They quickly realize this wasn't the job they had signed up for.
11/5/16 4:21 PM
Canadian Cowboy
Paul discovers that not all gifted people are good.
1/21/16 1:57 AM
A straight man with an interest in bondage finds himself going deeper than he wished in a recruitment drive for the slave stable...
9/20/15 10:32 PM
A police sergeant is turned into a fetishist
7/16/15 11:45 AM
Growing Interest
Our narrator expands Chase’s hell beyond his home, Chase’s new wardrobe beyond the one jockstrap, and Chase’s virgin asshole beyond its normal size.
12/12/14 3:40 PM
Anonymous 9/1/14 6:56 PM
Eric doesn't remember when he agreed to getting his head shaved. But the stranger holding him won't take no for an answer.
7/12/14 10:46 AM
Kota 1/19/13 7:00 PM
Onix 2/19/12 7:00 PM
A newlywed man learns the proper way to say thank you to someone who saved you from drowning.
9/12/09 8:00 PM