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2261 words
Alex's friend, Jimmy, called him to cover a double booking, a regular client . . .
7/9/20 11:55 AM
4145 words
Rhys Harry Brownlee, 'Harry' to his workmates and friends, was on the verge of nervous breakdown. His brother-in-law recommended meditation, using an app . . .
6/22/20 6:54 PM
Oyama leaves Shirakawa to seek help, but the spirit shows that escape isn't an option.
3/29/20 8:23 PM
The crew of the HMS Circe welcome their guest on board, meanwhile the book dealer receives a strange anonymous email
11/10/19 8:51 AM
2726 words
Drake shows Scribe the surprise he had in store while Nate spends an evening at home.
9/18/19 3:35 PM
The prince of Albion, a nation in a magical world, goes to try on a new set of armour, unaware that the smith who made it has embedded it with a potent reality-warping curse.
4/18/19 12:52 PM
1751 words
Craig goes home to get some rest and dreams strange dreams.
2/9/18 11:17 PM
2945 words
Craig starts to feel the effects of meeting Mr. Red and shares them with Nate.
2/2/18 12:29 AM
6186 words
Great new Gear... until it's time to take it off.
9/29/14 3:14 PM
5439 words
9/21/14 5:32 AM