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Can Tyrone's wrestling buddy, the team doctor, and the coach undo the spell placed on him by his girlfriend?
7/2/20 5:55 AM
Leo struggles with being a good mind controller, so Mike volunteers to help him with that.
6/26/20 8:08 AM
Leo tries to start with his part of the deal, as Pine finishes a half-done business.
6/13/20 2:39 PM
Pine tries a new approach with Leo, as the pair decide to go after the rugby coach.
6/6/20 9:45 PM
2984 words
College soccer players Alex and Brody get invited to a pool party that will change their lives. Inspired by Willie Cici's "The Himbo Maker's New Recruits"
5/29/20 6:08 AM
Pine tries to continue with the sports club plan, but his new ally may be more dangerous than he seems to be.
5/15/20 9:35 PM
4352 words
5/7/20 5:29 PM
10373 words
The boys meet the coaches and spend a hot night
5/7/20 6:02 AM
2346 words
5/6/20 7:34 PM
Travis has his first class at the "Astor Academy for Men," and his teacher decides to start using some triggers.
5/4/20 2:03 PM