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I wasn't going to use it, I'd decided. Probably.
4/1/20 3:24 PM
Cris Kane
James dares to venture out of his apartment, and has an unexpected encounter.
3/29/20 10:27 AM
Derek Williams
Jason has a high stress job at a law firm. He's about to learn how much better life can be.
1/25/20 8:29 AM
Whitechap e1
The crew of the HMS Circe welcome their guest on board, meanwhile the book dealer receives a strange anonymous email
11/10/19 8:51 AM
Bob forgets about the newly inked slave boi and that is a dangerous thing
7/15/19 4:53 AM
Baldwizzard 7/12/19 11:09 AM
Elan Musk
After a break-up, Nick meets a strange man who tries to help him forget the past by becoming who he was meant to be.
1/10/19 3:40 PM
Cris Kane
Mike the Spike judges a wet Speedo competition, and Pierce discovers he has an admirer.
12/11/18 11:21 AM
Jake falls in love. Or really he's pushed in.
11/7/18 7:54 PM
Jake gets the gang together for the party of their lives
11/6/18 10:51 PM
Max finds a new job that isn't exactly what he expected. He'll learn to love it.
11/5/18 10:52 PM
Willie Cici
Travel the cities of Europe and experience the tastes of the Continent . . .
12/26/17 7:51 PM
Caedmon's Cock
I met a strange man at the club the other night who started stretching my dick in the strangest, most wonderful way.
4/8/17 6:02 PM
Cris Kane
Three of the poker buddies make their first trip to a gay bar, while the other three have a confrontation.
8/21/16 4:04 AM
A sheltered, closeted, engineering student finds out how green the grass is on the other side.
6/6/16 4:20 AM
Willie Cici
Ian has been chasing this new honey online, but his chase has gotten off course . . .
3/22/15 7:25 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
Blaine "Blade" O'Dunn gits mind control powers!
12/24/10 7:00 PM
The lord of the rings uses two of them to bind Jarod
12/29/09 7:00 PM
lthrjock 9/21/08 8:00 PM