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A puny nerd slowly takes his sport jock roommate’s free will with his pheromones before taking his muscles too !
5/26/20 9:06 PM
4/29/20 12:46 PM
After their ambush by a Hunter, the pledges adjust to their new situation and learn a few new things about Pink Haze
4/8/20 3:21 PM
Jeffrey decides he'll try to flake out on the game, only to discover he's a little too late to back out without consequences
12/23/19 9:11 PM
A fraternity stages a fierce competition among young men who want to join. The penalty for losing is very stiff indeed. Choose Your Own Adventure Community Series
12/19/19 9:05 AM
9/19/19 5:32 PM
With Jimmy drugged and immobilized, the two paramedics finish off the first round of alterations to Jimmy's body.
9/18/19 5:18 PM
A college boy caught with heterosexual pornography in a world where male heterosexuality is forbidden becomes the subject of a medical treatment to reshape his body and mind
9/16/19 7:35 PM
A bad morning gets unexpectedly worse for a vengeful reality warper
3/11/19 12:12 PM
6408 words
When Mitch accidentally brings his daughter's boyfriend to a gay retreat, the two have to pretend they're a couple. But something weird is going down at Pleasure Pines...
11/14/18 10:11 PM