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A man wakes up and knows he's a chicken. He doesn't LOOK like a chicken, but he must be one.
2/6/20 5:27 AM
a second installment in my realistic (mostly) hypnosis work; it's been a while but I'm getting back into writing and thought I should continue this piece.
9/6/19 5:14 AM
Angell Kitty
Kazuma is a young secretary who has the important mission of forming an alliance with the rival company; there he will meet Maxwell, the president of the company, who has more sinister intentions with the young secretary.
6/12/19 8:34 PM
Twan Andersen
Xander is once again helplessly entranced and this time Nick introduces him to what will become his strongest weapon... his smell.
5/22/19 8:01 PM
Twan Andersen
Nick hypnotizes his younger cousin for the first time with no second intentions... or so he thinks.
5/16/19 5:16 PM
Matt has invited his brother Nathan to the fraternity house so that Nathan can rehearse his hypnotism stage-show with the brothers.
4/8/19 1:42 PM
A hypnotherapist with a gambling problem tries to pay off his debt to the mob by sabotaging the odds-on favorite football team just before the state championship.
3/17/19 8:51 AM
A college psychology major uses his hypnotic skills to improve his summer situation on his father's dude ranch
3/11/19 5:42 AM
Jamie is an upcoming YouTuber who wants to show the world his amazing hypnosis techniques....and also picks up a couple of hot new assistants on the way.
1/15/19 4:03 AM
An afternoon of yard work results in something unexpected.
12/8/18 5:38 PM
All about the eyes
Unsuspecting neighbour Gerry becomes hypno-target practice
12/4/18 5:25 AM
A homage to 'I Am Not A Gay Porn Star'
10/5/18 5:56 PM
A small intro to a couple I'm bringing to the site; Lucio and Andres.
6/30/18 8:36 PM
Willie Cici
The Amazing Jonathan teaches Damian why is 'amazing' . . .
6/3/18 7:08 PM
Tkhon 4/16/18 7:12 AM
It's time for Matthew to heal so he can finally open up to male friendships, which he has been avoiding for years. Good thing his therapist is there to guide him every step of the way.
2/19/18 3:59 PM
Esrel returns to speak with Colin, but he is caught off guard by someone else...
10/8/17 8:14 PM
Esrel attends his friends graduation party, where a certain dad takes a liking to him...
9/15/17 3:35 AM
Happy Endings
A psychology student wants the jock of his dreams. But does he go too far?
9/6/17 6:52 PM
A son confesses to his father that he has a boyfriend. That boyfriend is nothing like what his father imagined.
5/11/17 3:26 AM
Matt's a hot husband. Someone is very attracted to hot husbands.
10/3/16 1:46 PM
Hypnotic Subjugation
A change meeting between married man, Mike, and his old college football coach results in his long-suppressed hypnotic conditioning coming back to the fore.
9/7/16 2:04 PM
Calculated 8/11/16 7:03 AM
Calculated 3/2/16 6:26 AM
Football season has ended, but ass-hunting season has just begun. Another tale of hypnosis, athletics, and butt-fucking.
1/3/16 8:17 PM
Its day 3 and Jesse is still searching for Chris. Unfortunately, he is the one who is found...
10/26/14 9:02 PM
Mark Griffiths
A brief examination of the relationship between hypnosis and sexual behaviour, and more specifically hypnophilia and hypnofetishism.
3/27/14 7:12 PM
Trey O'Conor star captain of Mansfield High Baseball Team becomes a true bottom slut on Prom Night
1/25/12 7:00 PM
Deep gets totally hypnotized and enslaved online by his creative master
12/17/11 7:00 PM
Hyptrance 9/13/09 8:00 PM