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6/24/20 6:03 AM
2936 words
Victor learns the truth, how his life has become dictated the 10 Basic Rules . . .
6/22/20 6:44 PM
Marcus's musk gets him in trouble with his girlfriend, he discovers a new need, and some unintended side effects
6/16/20 5:17 AM
A perfect utopia of the men of the Mosque. Their Master's will flows through them. Until a new man arrives.
5/31/20 8:11 PM
11837 words
Dr. Taron Burns has to teach a second year liberal arts course in order to satisfy the terms of his tenure. This year, he's talking about gender roles and how they help and hinder progress in broader human society. Only, something strange is happening: his class is shrinking. He doesn't know what to make of the jockboys that stay in his class, but the way they look at him is _distracting_.
5/23/20 8:55 PM
5/18/20 9:32 PM
2700 words
Jeremy not so slowly becomes Slut
5/11/20 9:13 PM
3016 words
Max thinks he can handle anything -- he’s wrong.
5/2/20 7:33 AM
5946 words
A new sorcerer is introduced to the court of the beloved King Godrick. He finds love and acceptance in his court, but a plight begins to take hold as the king seems begins acting strangely. Will the sorcerer be able to save his king?
4/27/20 5:29 PM
1074 words
Dario doesn't have a place to live after a breakup, but he finds a house that seems too good to be true.
4/20/20 5:23 AM