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SId has made some significant changes and his life is very different as a result
7/4/20 5:12 PM
5/18/20 9:32 PM
Thor has one last night with Lee-am before he leaves... (Basically the muscled up Hemsworth brothers fuck lol)
5/17/20 9:47 PM
3/25/20 6:33 PM
A cunning Hollywood agent sees the chance to start a movie franchise and make some men mindless in the process. Recruiting some sexy men in the acting world, he's able to "persuade" them to
3/22/20 9:31 AM
3608 words
2/24/20 10:52 PM
A species unknown to mankind thrives off possessing men and climbing social ranks via sex.
2/13/20 8:43 PM
3212 words
1/31/20 9:02 PM
Leo goes to his idol's concert.
12/16/19 5:51 PM
3370 words
11/16/19 8:49 AM