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S. Q. Neemie 1/3/20 3:04 PM
Whitechap e1
The crew of the HMS Circe welcome their guest on board, meanwhile the book dealer receives a strange anonymous email
11/10/19 8:51 AM
The holdout changes, can Justin withstand the change?
10/13/19 7:06 AM
sb jb mc
A villain in the city takes over the minds of jocks and heroes alike.
7/8/19 4:42 AM
Chris finally gets his hands on a rather unusual Sims expantion and finds himself stuck in the game...
6/19/19 5:18 PM
Danny's continues visiting Bill's apartment, and begins to notice the effects.
1/15/19 4:06 AM
The private detective has more things to worry about than a missing kid.
12/19/18 5:51 AM
Stroppy Author 11/26/18 8:19 PM
Leather Asylum
A young man visits his cousin in an Asylum in the hopes of seeing real leather restraints.
11/16/18 8:51 AM
A story of love and making a man into what he always wanted to be, with a little encouragement.
7/14/18 3:33 PM
Willie Cici
The bond between Daddy and his boys . . .
8/15/17 8:59 PM
Eugene is made by his wife to become the first male inspector of the rubber clad Guard...
11/13/16 12:36 PM
Willie Cici
Cal encounters a stranger . . .
10/2/16 4:28 AM
Keith finds himself in a situation that he thinks he's had before.
6/13/16 10:17 PM
Willie Cici
Jon Woo was living the life, until . . . .
2/3/16 6:51 AM
Brian bulks up and gets more than he bargained
5/23/12 8:00 PM
Paul experiences changes after attending a new gym
4/23/07 8:00 PM