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7/1/20 6:50 AM
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6/21/20 11:11 PM
After dumping his boyfriend, Dirk finds himself becoming transformed into an absolute loser
6/20/20 11:44 AM
Colin (currently in Kieron's body, so Ceerin) now has possession of the laptop once more, with the correct DNA. What willhe do to Kieron and Troy?)
6/17/20 7:45 AM
6/13/20 3:07 PM
2889 words
Thomas, a happily married Gay Professor at his university and is filling in for one of his colleagues when he bites into an apple on the desk (gifted by one of her troubled students) and goes through some changes.
6/12/20 7:58 PM
Tiff is so pissed at Colin's DNA trap on his laptop that turned all their planned changes to Colin back onto Si who was now a thinner, small cocked sassy himbo. Was there anything she could do to help him, and what would Colin do to her if he caught her on his Chronivac enabled laptop?
6/5/20 5:08 AM
2090 words
Peter, a 22 year old chubby lab researcher with brown hair and green eyes, encounters a fascinating organism that takes over his body, mesmerizing him into a sex fiend, and transforming him
6/2/20 12:40 PM
5/30/20 7:26 PM
5/29/20 9:29 AM