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5724 words
He never thought of himself as a butt guy, but when he heard about this new rejuvenation procedure, well, he got to know the new him.
7/30/20 10:17 PM
As more changes ripple through the game, Fareed is finally ready to experience everything his cum-hungry body is capable of. Jai, Eric and Davis are more than happy to help him on his journey. (Set in the world of NANOwriter's Truth or Dare series)
7/3/20 12:26 PM
Now that Fareed finally has his story straight, it’s time to play the game and get this cum camel over his hump... (Set in the world of NANOwriter’s excellent Truth or Dare series)
6/13/20 2:36 PM
8818 words
Possessed by a sexual poltergeist, the man cruises a lit gay neighborhood to be used and screwed with.
5/13/20 9:45 AM
6783 words
3/26/20 4:22 PM
James finds himself distracted all day with thoughts of VIC as he anticipates his next session.
3/2/20 5:47 AM
2/4/20 5:32 AM
3212 words
1/31/20 9:02 PM
3919 words
The gym has a Reality Enhancer machine to help dudes maximize their workouts, but today it has a glitch. Whenever someone says "No homo," whoever they're saying it to becomes a tiny bit--well, homo. How will the glitch affect the patrons' workouts?
1/9/20 5:43 AM
1/4/20 4:28 PM