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4727 words
A powerful CEO buys a college sports team for business and pleasure
6/25/20 10:57 AM
1154 words
Thomas has another normal day.
4/13/20 2:24 PM
A powerful CEO buys a college sports team for business and pleasure
3/10/20 5:44 PM
Parker & Johnson was on the verge of shutting down, but it was bought out and saved at the last minute by Mr Masters. After some changes to the company under their new owner, now business is doing great, just like the way it was before...or so they thought...
11/6/19 8:24 AM
Stranded by a storm at the end of their conference trip, Mark and Rico and their colleagues check in to a small hotel by the airport for the weekend. The rest of their weekend was just a sweaty and tiring blur, and a whole lot of intimacies with one another...
11/3/19 2:24 PM
4081 words
Two men find themselves competing for a new VP slot under their company's eccentric new CEO.
10/9/19 9:15 PM
[FURRIES!] Greg uses some weird magic tricks to get down and dirty both with himself, and to toy with his coworker on an important deal.
9/27/18 5:01 AM
2244 words
Elliott takes advantage of a special service.
11/1/16 12:49 AM
Mike ages and finds himself in a relationship with Jason. But who the hell is Jason?
9/20/13 8:00 PM
4467 words
Hypnotist gets revenge on his enemy by taking control of his sons.
8/24/05 8:00 PM