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Alien life forms have come to planet earth Their objective to feed and breed with the humans as part of their invasion of earth.
1/15/19 5:24 PM
The alien invaders now have their leader in human form next is phase of their invasion of earth
12/31/18 1:15 AM
Sir Skinny 3/23/18 9:56 AM
TrevorTist 11/11/16 3:14 AM
TrevorTist 11/3/16 3:32 AM
Elliott takes advantage of a special service.
11/1/16 12:49 AM
Mr. Madness
In a post-apocalyptic world. One unwitting recruit's mental and physical transformation begins at the hands of the Bearmaker.
6/7/15 4:55 PM
rubbrsome 3/29/14 9:36 AM
In the future, all males are tested to see whether they can reproduce to have children.
3/29/14 12:37 AM