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Things get serious for Noel. Our young protagonist will be introduced to the first assets of the system with a "penetrating" behavior. His body will receive the first changes and later on, Noel will get an idea of how large "Utopia" actually is.
2/17/20 10:53 PM
jockedguy 2/17/20 8:27 PM
Ryan just wanted to escape prison. The new medical program could be his ticket out of there.
2/15/20 7:47 AM
Mind In A Box
I learn of what is to become of me in my struggle for freedom.
2/15/20 7:45 AM
Mind In A Box 2/15/20 7:45 AM
LeatherFreak 2/13/20 8:45 PM
Noels journey continues. He's going to explore the first part of the system. What's waiting for him outside of the transport-vessel?
2/10/20 5:54 AM
densub 2/9/20 8:47 AM
Mind In A Box
My nightmare becomes a reality, as I try to discover what is happening to me.
2/8/20 8:34 AM
Mind In A Box 2/8/20 8:34 AM
jockedguy 2/7/20 7:37 PM
Finally, the base is set and I can enjoy some benefits. But Dad has somewhere to be.......
2/7/20 7:35 PM
My plan finally begins at dinner. Time for some guidelines.
2/6/20 5:42 PM
Mind In A Box
My life is altered when I find myself subject to the machinations of another man.
2/2/20 8:28 PM
Slave Abdamelek
Men from the FBI's Supernatural Investigation Unit encounter a very particular fugitive, who seems to be part of a cult.
2/2/20 4:48 PM
Max Potter 1/30/20 8:23 AM
Gary the skater mysteriously finds himself in a room, and it makes certain demands about his personality and wardrobe.
1/28/20 12:36 PM
JustForFun 1/21/20 11:17 PM
A Voyeur Fan
Dorian lathers up in the shower with a bar of mysterious soap. He's unprepared for the changes it makes to his body and mind.
1/21/20 9:48 AM
It's the hottest programme on British breakfast telly. Now that the men of the UK have changed a bit...
1/14/20 6:19 PM
Willie Cici
Two detectives come to Cole's home looking for the boys . . .
1/14/20 10:19 AM
Willie Cici
Jason and Eric soon realize the extent of Cole's control . . .
1/11/20 5:11 PM
Seeing Red
A coder annoyed by his straight roommate acting gay for clout decides to conduct an AI experiment.
1/8/20 11:32 AM
Willie Cici
Jason and Eric wake up and face a new reality . . .
1/7/20 6:03 PM
M. Greene 1/5/20 1:04 PM
Swizzington 1/5/20 11:17 AM
Another year as a junior at Charter's College awaits Adrien. In a school aiming for the best, and only for the best, it's no new thing when a genius enrolls. That is, until Cheslav, a Russian guy with a compelling aura and a strong power, joins him and takes a particular liking in him. Surely Adrien can resist, can't he?
1/2/20 9:50 PM
Terinas Tiger 12/29/19 10:17 AM
Stroppy Author
Jackies friend comes looking
12/28/19 9:43 AM
Hypnoticsymbiote 12/26/19 9:18 AM