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At the age of 18, young men are drafted to serve in the Community Service. Martin is about to experience what this is all about...
9/22/19 9:36 PM
Ethan White
It's the day after Marcus' party and Corey wakes up to a wonderful surprise from Master. But there are games and plots afoot, things greater than Corey could have ever imagined. And Imperious is at the heart of it all.
4/9/19 11:54 AM
Wonder Bread
Straight married conservative bro Jason falls under the thrall of his sexy new boss, and he and his best from become the slutty bottoms they were meant to be.
10/19/18 9:39 AM
Tomas transforms and the three newly minted hunks make it to a safe harbor in a Millionaire's Mansion.
12/20/17 2:27 AM
Willie Cici
The Walton Project moves forwards . . .
9/27/17 4:38 PM
autoDream 11/22/15 11:17 PM
Matthew relives the past...sort of.
5/7/12 8:00 PM