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We find out what the remaining Primals have been up to, and we meed Mr. Red's new partner against the gods.
7/21/18 5:50 PM
Transformation begins. Justin learns about the power of the briefs and becomes owned.
6/30/18 10:20 PM
A civilized man visits his farming family, but he's unaware of the change they'd undergone in his absence.
5/20/18 5:25 AM
M. Greene
Three slaves are under their Masters' total control, until...
4/18/18 9:55 AM
Daddies always take care of their boys, right?
1/3/18 4:09 AM
Jackson and his friends have pretty typical Texan lives until Jackson shows up with a new girlfriend.
9/7/17 10:49 AM
A total top turns out to be less totally into topping than he first thought
5/13/17 4:12 PM
A Master meets his new boy.
8/16/16 12:49 AM
A bearded couple go to a gay-friendly barber shop for just trim. Things take an interesting turn
6/5/16 12:57 AM
Poor Dylan is hypnotized into being a helpless foot bitch.
3/8/16 12:06 PM
Willie Cici
Jack doesn't respect his roommate's stuff. It will prove his downfall . . . .
2/29/16 9:30 PM
Pete and Greg go home for Thanksgiving while we find out what Byron has been up to.
6/28/15 9:39 PM
Byron gets a phone call from his boss and Pete goes for a night out with his dad.
3/19/15 1:10 AM
Jack gets to his hotel room and orders full in room service while Pete is invited to his neighbors for dinner.
3/8/15 10:40 PM
Stephen goes to Montana ... (Revised Story)
Category missing
9/3/14 6:23 PM
preppyjbd (Original) and Hypnothrill (Adaptation)
Matt discovers something odd about the preppy gated community of Chelsea Park
6/17/14 2:04 PM
Jake approaches Jonas about physical changes...then gets changed himself.
6/16/14 6:32 PM
New guy moves into the building and wonders just what this place he moved into is like.
6/10/14 5:16 PM
Peircedskin 6/6/14 4:45 PM
rubbrsome 3/29/14 9:36 AM
Drew Kiss
Grant finds a book of power and changes his life forever!
12/27/13 7:00 PM
disgraced yuppie gets a new job and a new outlook
12/23/13 7:00 PM
Erik East
Two roommates surprise each other with their secrets
10/17/13 4:01 AM
A student gets a math lesson he won't soon forget.
10/16/13 8:00 PM
Inaniamte Transformer
Matt and his frat brothers learn their fate, and "find" a new home.
Category missing
9/9/13 8:00 PM
Jesse visits a local store to buy an embarrasing swim suit, a speedo.
7/20/13 8:00 PM
Hot Lava
Stan's new boyfriend invites him to a mysterious bar.
6/8/13 8:00 PM
Haven Tesla
A hypnotist takes over the set of a soap opera and bends the stories to his liking.
4/26/13 8:00 PM
A man recounts how he met his boy at his niece's birthday party.
1/23/13 7:00 PM
Bad Colin Baxter
Tyler meets some more potential allies, and undergoes an initiation.
1/2/13 7:00 PM