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Slave Abdamelek
The converted father and son are ordered by the Pharaoh to chase and convert the Student of Aseem Devdas before he is assimilated by the Snake God's army, but things take a fateful turn.
7/4/19 7:17 PM
PreppifiedGuy 4/21/19 11:50 AM
PreppifiedGuy 3/30/19 5:38 PM
Elan Musk
Brad, a young man gifted with the power to alter people's minds in ways that suit his desires finds himself drawn to a man sitting at the bar. But it is not control he seeks, rather, its relinquishment...
2/26/19 5:59 PM
We find out what the remaining Primals have been up to, and we meed Mr. Red's new partner against the gods.
7/21/18 5:50 PM
Transformation begins. Justin learns about the power of the briefs and becomes owned.
6/30/18 10:20 PM
A civilized man visits his farming family, but he's unaware of the change they'd undergone in his absence.
5/20/18 5:25 AM
M. Greene
Three slaves are under their Masters' total control, until...
4/18/18 9:55 AM
Daddies always take care of their boys, right?
1/3/18 4:09 AM
Jackson and his friends have pretty typical Texan lives until Jackson shows up with a new girlfriend.
9/7/17 10:49 AM
A total top turns out to be less totally into topping than he first thought
5/13/17 4:12 PM
A Master meets his new boy.
8/16/16 12:49 AM
A bearded couple go to a gay-friendly barber shop for just trim. Things take an interesting turn
6/5/16 12:57 AM
Willie Cici
Jack doesn't respect his roommate's stuff. It will prove his downfall . . . .
2/29/16 9:30 PM
Cooper and his trainer, the painful Roger meet Ivan the mystical master barber who is less than impressed with their attitude.
9/22/15 5:39 AM
Pete and Greg go home for Thanksgiving while we find out what Byron has been up to.
6/28/15 9:39 PM
Byron gets a phone call from his boss and Pete goes for a night out with his dad.
3/19/15 1:10 AM
Jack gets to his hotel room and orders full in room service while Pete is invited to his neighbors for dinner.
3/8/15 10:40 PM
Stephen goes to Montana ... (Revised Story)
9/3/14 6:23 PM
preppyjbd (Original) and Hypnothrill (Adaptation)
Matt discovers something odd about the preppy gated community of Chelsea Park
6/17/14 2:04 PM
Jake approaches Jonas about physical changes...then gets changed himself.
6/16/14 6:32 PM
New guy moves into the building and wonders just what this place he moved into is like.
6/10/14 5:16 PM
Peircedskin 6/6/14 4:45 PM
rubbrsome 3/29/14 9:36 AM
Drew Kiss
Grant finds a book of power and changes his life forever!
12/27/13 7:00 PM
disgraced yuppie gets a new job and a new outlook
12/23/13 7:00 PM
Erik East
Two roommates surprise each other with their secrets
10/17/13 4:01 AM
A student gets a math lesson he won't soon forget.
10/16/13 8:00 PM
Inaniamte Transformer
Matt and his frat brothers learn their fate, and "find" a new home.
9/9/13 8:00 PM
Jesse visits a local store to buy an embarrasing swim suit, a speedo.
7/20/13 8:00 PM