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A documentary crew follows the lives of the promiscuous workforce of stationery supplier company Pen Island, and their fantastically captivating manager.
7/23/20 5:48 PM
1643 words
Dean decides to come in extra early to work to finish some reports for his boss. But he realizes he is not alone.
7/8/20 7:14 PM
2201 words
6/13/20 2:39 PM
7808 words
Mr. Phillips has issues keeping calm at work. The company installs a microchip to help him stress less.
5/31/20 8:55 AM
The thrilling conclusion! Will Sterling or Tony win Zach’s heart? Will Mr. Applegate shut down the sexy times and fire the trio? Will they ever get the cum out of the carpet? Read on to see!
5/9/20 4:21 AM
There is something different and spicy about your first job interview.
4/9/20 5:00 AM
Sterling, Zach, and Tony get in trouble with HR.
4/8/20 4:47 AM
The Reality Enhancer machine drives Tony, Sterling, and Zach closer to an HR crisis.
3/10/20 5:39 PM
The Reality Enhancer continues to work on Sterling, Tony, and Zach.
2/27/20 9:42 PM
A local company installs a Reality Enhancer machine in their offices to improve teambuilding. Two employees and their boss feel the effects almost immediately. This is a story in the same universe as "The No Homo Glitch."
2/25/20 3:17 PM