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Jax Shaw 11/21/18 1:52 AM
[FURRIES] Mr Bongo has joined the company, to more than one dismay. Greg has a way to make sure things go well for both parties.
11/18/18 7:38 AM
Tony found himself in a peculiar situation at work.
7/23/18 11:53 AM
Dylan just can't seem to say "No" to his to his boss
7/8/18 11:54 PM
Rich's company has a new contract, shipping and fulfilment on some military thing. Non-lethal incapacitants or something.
2/27/18 12:46 PM
Maximilian lay hand on special frame ... photos can make you do things ...
5/22/17 3:40 AM
Sam acquires an object as magical as unexpected
5/18/17 2:00 PM
Witness, Serg, the real mastermind behind the pep rally series.
3/26/17 6:18 PM
A man is about to get a new position at his job
1/3/17 9:29 AM
Heru Kane
With a new boss comes the new experience of becoming a part of a group.
11/5/16 9:05 PM
Willie Cici
Alec starts a new job, but his boss needs an attitude adjustment . . .
7/12/16 4:27 AM
Neil continues with his conquest of new slaves by taking over the staff of Omar Hadid's business: Hadid Imports Co. Ltd.
5/19/16 10:38 PM
Neil reflects on his conquests of his harem of slaves beyond the Stanton family...starting with the staff at Stanton Construction Inc.
3/29/16 10:19 PM
Canadian Cowboy
Paul discovers that not all gifted people are good.
1/21/16 1:37 AM
Canadian Cowboy
Paul discovers he has super hypnosis powers
Insufficient Tags
1/5/16 4:33 AM
Willie Cici
A loyal employee finds himself ousted, but Jake Johnson had plans to rectify the situation . . .
11/25/15 6:01 AM
Jake writes a new mp4, Adam strives for his attention and Mr. Smith reveals a new part of himself
9/11/15 1:51 AM
Jake's Dad snoops on his computer and see's something meant for someone else
7/27/15 9:39 PM
Justin's smooth words save Dylan's job by seducing his boss.
1/28/14 7:00 PM
Whitechap e1 10/26/12 8:00 PM
Mick Neil
Neil reveals secrets to a new co-worker that will soon be used against him.
10/16/11 8:00 PM
LAV and the NCMC readers 7/5/09 8:00 PM
screamingmoist 6/13/09 8:00 PM
Guy gets invited to have sex with his boss's secretary
5/2/09 8:00 PM
Gino has his sights set on his new worker, however not everything is as it seems.....
Category missing
1/20/09 7:00 PM
storydreamer2006 3/11/08 9:00 PM
An Intelligent up and coming executive is bullied into submission
3/9/08 8:00 PM
Guy uses a spell to bring out the inner self of best friends cheating boyfriend
Category missing
12/31/06 7:00 PM
Glenn Howe just not only takes control of companies but also of their owners
9/15/06 8:00 PM
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