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A view from the other side
3/20/20 5:47 PM
This is a story I wrote back in 2003 about a fantasy transformation of mine in which I become another guy. This story was my first foray into the transformation genre. Although I wrote another story around that time as well (which I no longer have, unfortunately), I did not continue writing. Perhaps reading other's stories here will help me become inspired to write again.
2/9/20 9:05 AM
My life changed after meeting a leather cop
11/26/19 5:30 AM
Nexis Pas
A comfortable chair, a fine cigar, a glass of wine, a warm fire, and Mike
9/26/19 10:10 PM
A new car can be the start of a whole new direction...
7/13/19 6:00 AM
All Cody needs to do is walk to the end of the Forrest to see his friends but Dylan has other plans for Cody
6/26/19 6:54 PM
Joe Steele
Joe's boots show him their love.
6/13/19 7:01 AM
Joe Steele
Something lost is found again.
6/6/19 6:24 AM
Joe Steele 6/4/19 6:05 AM
Joe Steele
Mike finds the perfect boots on eBay, and gains unexpected confidence.
6/3/19 4:43 AM
Cory gets the chance of a lifetime to meet his favorite porn star, little did he know Valentino had plans for him
5/12/19 9:10 AM
Jim gets squelched even further by his preppy self James, and the boys make a delivery.
4/7/19 7:28 AM
While John makes Dave even more submissive, Dave gets used to getting used more.
1/29/19 8:46 PM
lordandmasterinlondon 1/25/19 2:08 AM
Malskin 1/13/19 2:36 PM
S. Edmonds
On this day, I have Henry fix me breakfast then I satisfy my need to see him perform a Morning Exhaust.
12/31/18 12:24 PM
S. Edmonds
On this day, I presented Henry with a Protocol tailored to my desires and preferences.
12/29/18 10:10 AM
S. Edmonds
On this day, I speak of commencing control over Henry's wardrobe, even to the point of purchasing items I desired just for him.
12/28/18 10:35 AM
PaisaGringo 12/14/18 3:38 PM
person333311 10/30/18 9:14 AM
4/21/17 3:33 AM
El comienzo de Sebastian y los juegos con Edgar.
4/17/17 7:10 PM
Los cambios de Edgar provocan habladurias y un nuevo esclavo llega a la casa
3/27/17 1:05 AM
Edgar poco a poco se convierte en un policía sucio a los servicios de su Amigo
3/19/17 11:27 PM
Edgar es obligado a chupar la polla de su amigo
3/13/17 11:44 PM
Edgar sigue complaciendo a su "amigo" del trabajo
3/7/17 4:35 AM
Un policía es sumergido en la hipnosis para complacer a otro hombre
3/5/17 10:44 PM
A police officer is induced to hypnosis to meet a man
3/5/17 5:41 AM
I could still smell him on my skin. The salt of his seed burned the lashes on my ass, I remained on all four as my hole quivered and leaked. His left work boot was laced over my nose keeping me in drunken ecstasy, painfully hard but restrained by my own will. I'll never forget the first time I smelled it
2/25/17 10:54 AM
Jake quickly learns not to accept dares from his friends, especially when they involve old and abandoned military boots.
2/4/17 7:56 PM