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Shinjo Sho
Seiha on the new job. One mistake is he must learn about his work more before break some protocal.
8/12/18 9:33 PM
Stroppy Author 8/8/18 2:33 PM
Cameron’s conditioning was completed. He was ready for his final visit to the clinic.
7/15/18 1:22 PM
Ron sneaks into an abandoned aircraft hangar looking to scavenge lost items, and finds himself in a sticky situation with the ghosts of the past.
4/24/18 6:58 AM
The bikers had already made up their minds. Josh, younger than his partner, had chosen Scott’s because of his firm butt and 6 packs showing under his tight pants and shirt uniform. The girls were crazy about him. He was already dreaming about his future conquests. John, more practical, preferred Max with his so intense steel blue eyes.
4/19/18 11:26 PM
Willie Cici 4/9/18 4:51 AM
Programming Prince
A bullied kid is gifted with a magic amulet that lets any suggestion come true.
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3/28/18 11:22 PM
Cris Kane
The school quarterback asks a photography geek if he'll take his picture for the yearbook.
2/21/18 12:46 AM
Cris Kane
Commuting to work, a meek office worker fixates on a musclebound fellow passenger.
2/21/18 12:07 AM
Cris Kane
A pair of nerds figure out a way to be popular and studly, at least for one weekend.
2/20/18 11:53 PM
After his vacation, a civilian working in an army base found he has gain some capability
2/19/18 1:47 AM
M. Greene 8/31/17 6:54 AM
M. Greene
Selim and Jamal meet Elizabeth Tudor
8/30/17 6:28 PM
M. Greene
A strange, magical stone changes the lives of a group in Renaissance Europe
8/27/17 9:49 AM
M. Greene 8/26/17 8:15 AM
M. Greene
More intrigue and a death in Venice
8/25/17 12:47 PM
M. Greene
Assassination and intrigue in Venice!
8/24/17 10:03 AM
M. Greene 8/23/17 1:06 PM
One day living as your hot, stoner buddy friend... Who wouldn't love that?
8/4/17 1:19 AM
The lives of a successful CEO and a janitor addicted to sex become intertwined through a series of mysterious events.
7/15/17 1:14 AM
James has always loved the idea of being someone else, but how will he cope when that fantasy is put into practice
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7/3/17 6:43 PM
Farmer Jesse comes across some strange melons, in the field where that meteorite landed...
7/3/17 3:23 AM
M. Greene
The next phase of the story
6/6/17 6:06 PM
M. Greene
The night before Selim's wedding...
6/3/17 5:13 PM
M. Greene 5/31/17 12:47 PM
A chance meeting with a park cleaner changed my life forever
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1/6/17 6:31 PM
A white leather guy gets tricked into loosing his body to a black ship worker. maybe not so bad a change
Category missing
1/2/17 5:27 PM
A solicitor is called to attend a police station, and ends up as the man he is interviewing
12/29/16 5:04 PM
After using the stone to drain Kevin's muscles, Alex turns his attention to his other bully...
12/1/16 8:56 PM
Alex whishes his bullies would give him some respect, with a stone loop he get's so much more.
Insufficient Tags
11/18/16 10:25 AM