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Yes, Strong, someday your Prince will cum...
7/7/20 11:22 AM
Strong discovers a hot gym sub-strata -- if only there were a handsome Prince to rescue him!
7/6/20 11:56 AM
There's a hidden gym in the city that will turn you into your greatest fantasy.
7/2/20 9:01 PM
7/1/20 6:50 AM
Muscle model Martin has recently moved into Adonis Village. After an intense workout he goes back to is apartment with a sore body, However Mr Jones offers Martin a relaxing massage...
6/30/20 3:09 PM
1705 words
Aspiring muscle model Martin can't believe his luck when he finds himself living at Adonis Village. With cheap rent, all the mod cons and good location it seems too good to be true....
6/28/20 8:38 PM
This hidden chapter by absman420 tells the story of how Mark came to appreciate the gym
6/28/20 11:48 AM
Eddie (nee Edward) heads back to the gym... this time HOPING to get screwed by management
6/27/20 11:46 AM
Edward's been out of town a couple weeks. When he returns, things are VERY different at the gym -- including his friends!
6/25/20 12:43 PM
2295 words
You indulge your boyfriend's fantasy of erotic hypnosis. You yourself don't really believe in hypnosis, but for his sake, you're willing to play along...
6/23/20 10:44 AM