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S. Q. Neemie
The gym has a Reality Enhancer machine to help dudes maximize their workouts, but today it has a glitch. Whenever someone says "No homo," whoever they're saying it to becomes a tiny bit--well, homo. How will the glitch affect the patrons' workouts?
1/9/20 5:43 AM
In effort to cover up a corporation missing funds, the company's uses a doppelganger to replace the chairperson.
7/20/19 10:57 PM
Cris Kane
Jake and Mark spot a pedestrian who would make a nice addition to the frat.
7/11/19 10:07 AM
KickIt 5/8/19 12:57 PM
Two Rounds in and Cal and Tray have already lost themselves to the Game. What will the Game make them do now that it has them in its grasp.
5/2/19 2:35 PM
PreppifiedGuy 4/21/19 11:50 AM
PreppifiedGuy 3/18/19 12:24 PM
Martin 6/25/18 1:31 PM
M. Greene 6/1/17 4:17 PM
Dutchutch 6/16/16 3:27 PM
Blond hair really is thicker all around, isn't it? This clean-cut brown-haired politician experiences a couple major changes by the time this transformation is over! [Commissioned Piece]
6/9/16 9:57 PM
Two delivery men find themselves turned into the objects being delivered.
5/24/16 12:51 AM
timid worker Joe and his boss Richard stumble upon a mysterious club, where they are forever transformed
3/26/14 11:51 PM
Matt can control men's lust just by touching their skin. Can he convert two guys at once?
12/22/13 7:00 PM
Jose a ladies man gets a surprise during his normal work out routine
7/24/13 8:00 PM
Joey B
Richie transforms into a blonde twink with the help of his neighbor
3/28/12 8:00 PM