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Ethan White
Rob escapes small town life when he receives an invitation from a prestigious institution in Scotland to study there. He is glad for his newfound freedom, but soon regrets not paying closer attention to the rules of the Aurelius Academy for Arts and Sciences.
9/16/19 4:54 AM
Archie Rainn is a big man with an even bigger appetite for a cock to serve. Enter his new master, one that will make Archie's life very different.
8/21/19 12:11 PM
Ayyy 3/8/19 4:24 PM
Ethan White
The only two heroes close enough to respond to the scene of the crime, Tempest and Phantom enter the Tether to confront Pyroclast and Temblor.
1/30/19 9:51 PM
The second showcased path from my Choose Your Own Adventure game, Saturday Morning. You meet a new friend who takes you to his pup boy's graduation from obedience school where you get a little education of your own.
1/3/19 9:38 AM
Roles all around Italy have been redefined, in extreme characterture like ways
9/5/18 8:34 PM
A bodybuilder gets a makeover from his smaller boyfriend.
8/16/18 12:48 PM
Cris Kane
Jackie and Davey make a detour, while the Malltarts are in for a surprise at their favorite club.
8/14/17 12:06 AM
Willie Cici
Even in the Valley of Death, there are consequences . . .
5/16/17 7:27 PM 5/15/17 1:15 AM
A man kidnapped off the street and subjected to bizarre scientific experiments... just another day in the paranormally kinky College Town of Vixen's Run
2/27/17 5:22 AM
Jason's visit to his friend's cabin in the woods results in a new outlook and a new body.
9/20/16 1:23 AM
Cris Kane
Six weeks later, most of the gang reconvenes for another poker game.
9/6/16 3:46 AM
xORRiNx 5/17/16 1:27 AM
Willie Cici
Tristan's mom has a new boyfriend. He seems nice, but I'm not sure . . .
5/8/16 6:58 PM
Blank Rasa
Mark gets a letter telling him how the world has changed, and how he's changed with it
2/25/16 2:28 AM
autoDream 11/22/15 11:17 PM
Overnight Ryan's desires change Charlie and Tyler's personalities and bodies in strange, unexpected ways
7/17/15 9:45 PM
A straight web cam tease receives a special gift from a viewer
6/1/15 7:18 PM
Gavin helps Rick find the perfect job as a construction worker, with a large twist
1/23/14 7:00 PM
BadColinBaxter 12/1/12 7:00 PM
Tyrannosaurus Sex
Frank wants to be a professional bodybuilder, but a new treatment has unexpected effects.
12/27/11 7:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers 8/28/11 8:00 PM
After an encounter in the dance club toilets, a man becomes a boi toy along with anyone around him.
4/2/11 8:00 PM
Whitechap e1
Bryant gets medicated and Billy's dad comes home earlier than expected
3/4/11 7:00 PM
Touchstone 12/8/08 7:00 PM
Sunfiregod + Killerwhale Zeus 4/27/06 8:00 PM