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Baldwizzard 2/6/20 5:27 AM
Will look for the choice Sam didn't think of.
11/25/19 5:56 AM
A man searches for the man of his dreams with certain complications
10/11/19 4:56 AM
The ending to Mike & Lenny's Story
8/31/19 12:26 PM
Wesley Bracken
The mayor pays Kevin a visit, and offers him a second chance to find a place in the town that really suits him.
8/11/19 6:12 PM
Wesley Bracken
Steve searches out Kevin. Together they piece together who they'd been before Derryville, and plot an escape.
8/8/19 4:14 PM
Beardfull1 7/31/19 6:50 PM
Wesley Bracken
Kevin and Steve try to come to grips with what happened the night before, but their mutual fear and anger gets in the way of trust.
7/29/19 6:57 PM
Wesley Bracken
Kevin and Steve reconnect overnight in a prison cell. No longer themselves, they still remember something of what they had together.
7/26/19 9:45 AM
Wesley Bracken
Kevin knows something isn't right, living with his wife and sons in a trailer park. Frustrated, he finds his thoughts drifting towards troubling desires.
7/25/19 8:54 PM
Kyle awakes in a stranger room with his best friend tyring to free him from a biker gang...with certain powers...
8/24/18 5:01 AM
Voodoo Dreams
It started with the little things, what I’d steal: first his clothes, then his toothbrush, then his will - but before all that, just glances. The way his leather biker chaps creak over his cheeks as he bends into the fridge is still my favorite.
8/22/18 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
The detective agrees to meet with a stranger who has an intimate history with the rapist.
7/14/18 1:16 AM
Neil continues his conquest of jock slaves...this time the college Cycling and Track Teams
7/29/17 2:10 AM
Rurik 6/28/17 8:16 PM
The collective of fused men expand their efforts.
5/25/17 3:07 AM
The three men split up. Each of them have their assignments.
5/24/17 3:15 AM
Willie Cici
Chris and Rhys wake up Christmas morning in each other's arm - - only to find what Santa left the night before . . .
12/26/16 9:22 PM
Man wanting to buy a leather jacket gets more than he bargained for
6/27/16 5:19 PM
Alan goes to buy some rubber shorts. What he gets is something unexpected.
4/11/16 9:29 PM
the guardsman
Henk explains about the functioning of the Transport Co
9/26/14 6:05 AM
the guardsman 8/21/14 1:20 PM
Peircedskin 3/31/14 8:57 PM
Hypno Hyde 1/29/14 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
A young matchmaker takes revenge on the men in his family who threw him out for being gay.
7/23/12 8:00 PM
Jake starts biking to work in a new city, but he doesn't yet know the rules...
6/28/12 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken 8/18/11 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
A guy at a bar takes a walk on the bear side.
7/15/11 8:00 PM
Three friends find themselves unable to trick-or-treat, but get a few treats of their own.
10/30/10 8:00 PM
How grateful would you be if you got a free leather jumpsuit and helmet with your bike?
9/4/10 8:00 PM