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Tkhon 11/20/18 9:51 AM
When Mitch accidentally brings his daughter's boyfriend to a gay retreat, the two have to pretend they're a couple. But something weird is going down at Pleasure Pines...
11/14/18 10:11 PM
JoSmith 11/14/18 10:29 AM
Hugh is hiding out in the bushes waiting for Ed's dad to return home. A little upset that Ed didn't give him a house key or a rough estimate of long his dad would be out. Hugh has to keep himself entertained other ways.
11/2/18 5:52 AM
JoSmith 10/26/18 5:41 AM
Mindwinder 10/22/18 12:29 PM
Belti 10/22/18 10:49 AM
[FURRIES!] Greg uses some weird magic tricks to get down and dirty both with himself, and to toy with his coworker on an important deal.
9/27/18 5:01 AM
Mark goes to a sex store to buy his boyfriend a present. But when someone with incredible powers walks in too, Mark realizes that HE'S the one getting a gift.
9/23/18 12:23 AM
JoSmith 8/23/18 5:20 PM
After touching a space rock, Jake begins to exhibit some new talents
8/21/18 1:19 PM
Marc of a Man
When a fleeing alien crash lands on earth, he shows the male earthlings his special powers of persuasion
7/1/18 10:39 PM
Assistant Principal Harper has finally caught the Preston Heights Prankster causing havoc at his school! But the prankster still has a few tricks up his sleeve...
6/26/18 12:13 AM
Ryan has gotten a strange email that seems to be spam at first glance.
6/13/18 9:14 AM
The islanders are captured by strange foreign men. A very special duty is waiting for the male population.
6/7/18 8:15 AM
Sir Skinny
Experimenting with cuckolding and exhibitionism while developing my boy
5/22/18 5:05 AM
Tkhon 5/16/18 5:51 AM
Sir Skinny 4/20/18 4:57 PM
Benjamin has to take responsibility: Even a very young doctor is expected to transform strong-willed muscle men into absolutely obedient sperm donors.
3/31/18 10:16 AM
Sir Skinny
The new Thor actor gets the body for his new role, but it's more work than he had anticipated
3/26/18 2:56 PM
Sir Skinny 3/23/18 9:56 AM
Sir Skinny 3/22/18 7:49 PM
Rich's company has a new contract, shipping and fulfilment on some military thing. Non-lethal incapacitants or something.
2/27/18 12:46 PM
JoSmith 12/29/17 1:46 PM
It can be hard to behave one's self with complete power over another...
10/22/17 9:50 PM
A jock dorm acquires some voluntary sex slaves to be trained for use during "dry" periods
7/11/17 6:38 PM
Written from both points of view. Scott’s bullying regime is over when Chris decides he needs alternative jock training, the mind control sort…
3/19/17 9:28 AM
Axel R.
As Jason finishes his workout, he confronts the new guy about a small rumor going around the gym. What he doesn't know is that the new guy is going to change his life forever.
8/31/16 1:48 AM
mw-scot (CodyTaylorNYC)
The team help out their Bat Boy by giving him a supplement to help bulking up...
1/25/16 10:39 PM
absman420 9/24/12 8:00 PM