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10445 words
An almost perfect weekend doesn't end quite as Roger had hoped.
7/4/20 5:36 PM
10143 words
Officer Michael Campbell suddenly realises that their police department needs new uniforms, and it has something to do with his newfound understanding of a cop's role in society.
6/28/20 8:58 PM
6568 words
6/19/20 11:07 AM
7109 words
6/12/20 5:09 PM
This story in inspired by true events and entails how a college boy seduces and takes charge of the men in his life.
6/6/20 4:44 PM
Kit's friend Asim tries to convince Kit to give Chuck a chance. Meanwhile, Ben from my CBT series makes a guest appearance.
5/26/20 12:15 PM
4664 words
Roger realizes that he may not be the only one with Phil's original trigger
5/25/20 1:25 PM
Kit has a way with his hands, which propelled both his personal life and his career as a massage therapist. Can a neurotactile implant bring both his personal kinks and professional life together, in a way that saves his spa and makes everyone happy?
5/24/20 6:36 PM
Evan hypnotizes handsome wrestler Kurt, making him realize how much he loves being ogled by gay men
5/19/20 8:47 PM
7393 words
5/15/20 9:34 PM