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Whitechap e1
As the submarine heads towrds Gibraltar Captain Wilcox realises that his crew are beginning to behave strangely. Some unlikely customers appear at the book-shop and threaten the book dealer's assistant
11/16/19 12:14 PM
Whitechap e1
The crew of the HMS Circe welcome their guest on board, meanwhile the book dealer receives a strange anonymous email
11/10/19 8:51 AM
After saving the world The Rainbow Riders are at a loss of what to do, good thing Master Villain has an idea.
10/19/19 3:13 PM
The holdout changes, can Justin withstand the change?
10/13/19 7:06 AM
Slave Abdamelek
4,000 years before the main events of the series, the mighty Pharaoh Amon-Reseph is trained in the powers of mind control by a mysteriously commanding foreigner.
9/9/19 11:37 AM
A young Prince learns he is in the running with two other brothers for the throne. The Lieutenant sent to protect him has aspirations of his own.
1/1/19 10:39 PM
Martin 6/25/18 1:31 PM
Tom Gungy
A knight finds himself in a bad way after a quest gone wrong, but a friend from his forgotten past may have a solution to get him back on his feet.
6/1/18 3:38 AM
The journey Jon took before the last hypnosis show Paul would put on and where he's headed afterwards...
1/3/18 3:25 AM
Mason is waiting on his best friend Cameron to go to the Undead Ball when a mysterious stranger pervert his desires.
10/31/17 2:49 PM
Tyler cannot deal with the fact that his childhood bestfriend and him are growing apart and so he enacts a desperate plan.
7/8/17 1:28 PM
A suppressed power in Craig is unlocked when he discovers his partner has been unfaithful.
3/4/17 12:30 PM
Its day 3 and Jesse is still searching for Chris. Unfortunately, he is the one who is found...
10/26/14 9:02 PM
Chapter 2 of Jesse's island adventure. Chris is still missing, and the Island Virgin is on a few hypnotist's radar now.
10/24/14 6:40 AM
Jesse and his friend Chris are fooled into attending a week long party on a private Island, where a few surprises await them.
10/9/14 12:01 AM
Kota 1/19/13 7:00 PM
Tony Stark refuses to relax, Jarvis is programmed to take care of him whether he likes it or not.
12/31/12 7:00 PM
Needs Collar
Eric finds he's good at taking orders from Drew
10/12/05 8:00 PM