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An elven mage struggling to prove himself in a human-dominated society finds not everything he's learned about his people is true.
8/6/20 6:47 AM
Jimmy has been struggling with the college experience, and Daddy's changes to the frat have only made it harder. If only there was an easy way...
8/5/20 9:29 PM
6549 words
The aftermath of the victims of Ryland and his Wicked coven.
8/2/20 3:17 PM
Ben's changes go into hyperdrive in step with his hormones.
7/26/20 11:51 AM
7/22/20 6:05 AM
1277 words
7/20/20 10:06 PM
Satisfied with his first round of justice, Ryland discovers his calling. Two more enemies succumb to Ryland's restricted spells. Jamison awakes, and tries Terran out for himself. Reunited with his witch lover, Jamison makes a request.
7/10/20 3:48 PM
6/29/20 5:21 AM
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Tony doesn't like how his friend Matt keeps hanging out with a guy and follows him out into the forest.
6/29/20 5:20 AM
2529 words
Angrath wanders the grand streets of Ravnica, searching for wonders to bring home to his family, when he runs afoul with an elephantine loxodon of the Selesnya Conclave. While he be able to escape safely to return to his own beloved plane, or while he become a brainwashed pawn of the loxodon's eerie machinations?
6/16/20 1:55 PM