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8/7/20 9:31 AM
Jimmy has been struggling with the college experience, and Daddy's changes to the frat have only made it harder. If only there was an easy way...
8/5/20 9:29 PM
2147 words
A cheeky magician, tries to snatch himself a big beefy bear.
8/4/20 4:41 AM
Jason's subjugation continues and he discovers his inner pig
8/3/20 8:38 PM
The ghost gang enjoy another night out by taking possession of a group of unassuming campers.
7/26/20 11:37 AM
Jake takes Ollie for a ride to meet some ghostly friends. After some mischievous bonding, Ollie begins to feel right at home with his new buddies.
7/26/20 11:36 AM
A young, introverted gay man is haunted and possessed by a mischievous, lustful, and shape-shifting ghost.
7/26/20 11:33 AM
2455 words
7/24/20 9:39 PM
1277 words
7/20/20 10:06 PM
Author Hidden
A successful young lawyer contracts a demon and finds his life changes substantially--but he can't remember it as it happens.
7/14/20 7:21 AM