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RotherhamMan 5/27/19 4:53 AM
A policeman gets a dangerous drug dealer off the street by taking matters into his own hands.
5/16/19 5:15 PM
A fetish man enjoys his dream job as a rancher for men.
5/13/19 8:53 PM
One of Dr. Maskulär's boys gives an old man a boost.
1/23/19 3:38 PM
A doctor who specializes in male health takes Jeff to a new level of mascularity
1/17/19 2:21 PM
The second showcased path from my Choose Your Own Adventure game, Saturday Morning. You meet a new friend who takes you to his pup boy's graduation from obedience school where you get a little education of your own.
1/3/19 9:38 AM
person333311 10/30/18 9:14 AM
A new suit made of nanobots gets tested.
8/12/18 6:51 PM
Rurik 7/14/18 2:03 PM
Marc Roberts
My pal tells me he has found someone who can increase my cock,ball and butt hle size, do I take a chance?
6/28/18 4:56 PM
An innocent rubber enthusiast finds himself held captive by the newly created soldier drones.
5/19/18 12:04 AM
Nash finally gets the cock of his dreams... with absolutely no drawbacks.
1/17/18 12:14 AM
rubbrsome 1/5/18 2:07 AM
On the trail of mysterious happenings, our hero encounters a mind-controlling villain!
11/24/17 7:36 PM
Rurik 6/28/17 8:16 PM
[Back via popular demand] Kevin has a pretty chill life... how will he handle it when his balls gradually begin to produce more cum?
6/27/17 4:21 PM
A new substance arrives at a laboratory for analysis.
5/22/17 6:53 PM
The compression material begins to show its true purpose.
5/1/17 5:24 PM
A cursed compression top will transform its wearer beyong his wildest dreams.
4/28/17 6:40 PM
Caedmon's Cock
I met a strange man at the club the other night who started stretching my dick in the strangest, most wonderful way.
4/8/17 6:02 PM
Oda and Officer Sean are both offered a deal they can't refuse, with extremely different results by extremely different hypnotists.
3/4/17 5:45 AM
Mr. Herst next culinary ambition emerges and he enlists the help of his family to ensure he's on the right path.
1/1/17 4:27 PM
Kevin has a pretty chill life... how will he handle it when his balls gradually begin to produce more cum?
11/27/16 6:14 AM
Will Topping
Final chapter in Mike's slow destruction from hot, hung, jock to horny boi slut.
2/27/16 12:43 AM
Trylithin 5/24/15 10:47 AM
absman420 9/29/14 3:14 PM
absman420 4/23/14 6:11 PM
Frat boys get kidnapped, cocks enlarged and milked by mad scientist
7/10/13 8:00 PM
The first nerd goes in for his one on one advising with the coach
6/20/13 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
Jack gets an unexpected birthday present from his neighbor at his son's football game.
5/20/13 8:00 PM