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Three young film-makers venture into the woods for a documentary about a legendary witch and are never heard from again. A year later, their film footage is recovered. (Loosely based on The Blair Witch Project.)
7/4/20 5:09 PM
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Ben moves into a new house and quickly discovers the rumors of its haunting may be true
7/4/20 6:11 AM
6/11/20 11:01 AM
The beginning of Alex's story.
6/10/20 12:02 PM
2802 words
Friend tries to use a show to hypnotize his straight buddy. But if that fails he has a trick up his sleeve.
5/20/20 9:20 PM
4349 words
A day in the life of a married couple that loves hypnosis. Watch as they play and help each other.
5/20/20 5:53 PM
2700 words
Jeremy not so slowly becomes Slut
5/11/20 9:13 PM
6267 words
A high school bully finds himself unable to control his own body.
5/4/20 5:16 AM
Ryan asks his roommate to hypnotize him into being bi, so he can have sex during quarantine.
4/27/20 7:21 PM
Daryl and Josh agree to star in the first video of a friend of a friend's new porn studio Hypnalis. They were promised a bombshell to share but first, they have to experience hypnosis for the first time.
4/27/20 6:29 PM