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Pete decide to explain his life choices to his cousin. Might not be a good idea that he only told them to his cousin.
11/11/19 6:57 AM
A goth find an artifact allowing him to make the worl fit to his desires....
11/6/19 6:49 AM
Two resort employees improve their attitudes significantly after following a special program
8/7/19 9:49 PM
Baldwizzard 7/12/19 11:09 AM
After being gifted with a leather jacket, Christian becomes the man he always wanted to be
6/16/19 6:39 PM
Willie Cici
Cooper's honeymoon in Hawaii takes a turn . . . on the beach . . .
11/30/18 4:47 PM
Norwegian Curse
A songwriter has too much influence on his protégé.
1/27/18 6:05 PM
Willie Cici
A graduate student learns that you can be a little too smart . . .
11/24/17 7:40 PM
It's not gambling if you're sure you're going to win, right?
10/24/17 9:44 PM
Revenge looks ever so hot on a newly leathered boy.
9/19/14 9:50 AM
Derek Williams 1/6/14 7:00 PM
Tyrannosaurus Sex
12/30/06 7:00 PM