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Prince Zane captures a soldier on his territory in the middle of the Zar desert, and has some supernatural means of dealing with him.
4/6/19 12:04 PM
Kyle admires a hot Middle Eastern guy in the hot tub, clueless to the fact he's being turned into the stereotypical version of such.
3/2/19 2:01 AM
Imran undergoes even more Change while he tries to find out what’s happening to him.
5/29/18 4:59 AM
Imran finds a very transformative bottle of cologne in his usual locker at the gym
5/13/18 6:09 AM
M. Greene 6/1/17 4:17 PM
M. Greene 5/31/17 12:47 PM
M. Greene
Something strange happens to an alchemist's assistant...
5/30/17 8:21 PM
Alex, Jason and Travis arrive at the hotel for their Republican Convention
5/21/17 4:56 PM
Colin's wish to be with one guy forever and Shamir's wish to fit in with guys his age get combined into one wish by a crooked genie.
6/7/16 6:17 PM
Dutchutch 4/12/16 12:43 AM
Mr.Dick 12/22/15 6:27 AM
Anonymous 3/3/10 7:00 PM
A Navy Seal is captured by the enemy while on a commando mission.
11/9/05 7:00 PM
A Navy SEAL is captured by the enemy while on a commando mission.
10/20/05 8:00 PM