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Ben is almost about to graduate high school. After finding a mysterious ring, this chapter of his life ends a lot more fun and a lot sexier than he expected.
1/23/20 7:34 PM
Math_Reez πŸ’™
Sam faces the consequences of not listen to his father. Will decide to 'expand' his fun with some new guests.
12/31/19 9:13 AM
Time to explain stuffs... and to fix them.
12/28/19 1:31 PM
Leo goes to his idol's concert.
12/16/19 5:51 PM
We interrupt the goth's agenda to bring you... the cop's vendetta.
12/13/19 10:56 PM
Math_Reez πŸ’™
Nick got his dream come true, but Gideon is not happy with this...
11/25/19 10:25 AM
Will look for the choice Sam didn't think of.
11/25/19 5:56 AM
Chad learns about his past and discovers a new interest in Sam....
11/12/19 6:59 AM
Sean explain his life now.
11/11/19 10:37 PM
Pete decide to explain his life choices to his cousin. Might not be a good idea that he only told them to his cousin.
11/11/19 6:57 AM
Sam does counseling with a latino plagued with self-doubt.
11/10/19 8:49 AM
BobbyBlobfish 11/10/19 8:47 AM
Chad's in control. And pissed. And a wannabe matchmaker.
11/9/19 8:24 AM
Pete decide to explain his life choices to his cousin.
11/8/19 6:46 AM
BobbyBlobfish 11/7/19 6:54 AM
A goth find an artifact allowing him to make the worl fit to his desires....
11/6/19 6:49 AM
Ethan goes to his first camp after joining the scouts. There he finds an artifact that may help him make his summer much more interesting.
10/30/19 5:52 AM
A new path. Without realizing Sam makes three boys fall in love with him, what will he do when he realizes the power of his amulet?
10/21/19 10:56 AM
Math_Reez πŸ’™
Nick is living in a hell. With his bully always around, he try to escape, that's how he get into Eris Store.
10/15/19 4:02 PM
will decide a third possibility to his situation
10/14/19 6:10 AM
Sam decide that rather than enjoying the unknow hunk, his brother is deserving of a visit...
10/13/19 9:18 PM
Math_Reez πŸ’™
Will's decides what to do with all the power in his hands. Will be the right choice?
10/10/19 11:20 AM
Before grandpa's funeral, Sam and Dad grow closer together. They have a tender moment in the car ride to the church where they meet Will. Sam get's a letter from a guy who worked for his grandpa, then dad, Will, and Sam go home.
9/10/19 4:24 AM
Math_Reez πŸ’™
Will just get back and find out Sam's 'special friend'. How Sam will deal with him now?
9/9/19 2:15 PM
What happens when you have a boyfriend that you no longer like? You change him for the better.
8/8/19 4:27 AM
A businessman finds his way into Kye's Store, how does Kye choose to change things to suit his desires?
5/23/19 5:58 PM
Prince Zane captures a soldier on his territory in the middle of the Zar desert, and has some supernatural means of dealing with him.
4/6/19 12:04 PM
Math_Reez πŸ’™
Sam really want to continue with his bonding time with Chad… but an unexpected call will change his plans
3/22/19 6:34 AM
Sam went home and found his father looking dejected from the loss of his own father
3/16/19 12:32 AM
One path has been decided, the first of many. Sam will go home while paying a visit to Profesor Evans.
3/16/19 12:31 AM