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2201 words
6/13/20 2:39 PM
Just a man and his boyfriend enjoying a quiet day in when a stranger drops in with other plans.
5/14/20 8:21 PM
1453 words
5/3/20 12:21 AM
4704 words
Having gotten caught touching Daniels' whilst he was asleep, he demands something for compensation.
4/29/20 2:08 PM
10047 words
Brad learns that big muscles and a dismissive attitude aren't what make an alpha.
4/27/20 8:44 PM
Rick successfully changed one roommate into the daddy of his dreams, but what happens when you double dose a man?
3/26/20 7:37 AM
3838 words
During the next full moon, Robert deals with the aftermath of converting Chris into a were-redneck.
1/1/20 8:33 AM
13420 words
Handyman Luca Bryant would have been an underwear model if he had it in him to show his entire body off to the world, but growing up in a small town instilled a good sense of modesty in him. Things are starting to change in his neighborhood, though and he finds that he’s having to do jobs he’s not quite used to for his newer clients.
12/22/19 8:33 AM
5550 words
Moving away to avoid his bullies, Jim ends up walking right into the lion's den. Fortunately, New York is nothing like his hometown, and things end up breaking his way in the end.
10/22/19 9:56 PM
6337 words
A week after he is rescued from conversion, Blake has a new problem to contend with: the crushing guilt that is piled on his would-be mate Aaron’s shoulders.
9/5/19 4:19 AM