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8246 words
Micah is down on his luck and looking for work. He meets a massive business man that may be able to change that.
8/9/20 8:37 AM
2423 words
Marines repel an Alien Raiding Party bent on taking Prisoners
8/3/20 8:42 PM
2439 words
What happens when the briefs parasite reaches the host's brain?
7/21/20 8:07 PM
Author Hidden
Why are all these men climbing Sandstone Peak? Even they don't know why . . .
7/6/20 8:11 PM
4667 words
Mark has cornered another twink on a camping trip, but things quickly take a turn. This weird tale is definitely not for everyone.
7/2/20 11:12 AM
Author Hidden
An exotic dancer performs for the last time
6/22/20 12:41 PM
6170 words
Things start to get strange in the town of Brennid.
6/7/20 3:37 PM
5/18/20 9:32 PM
A milking story inspired by "A Bull of the Ranch" by RotherhamMan. Basically a badly written parody which I forced a bunch of mature men in. I am not a native english user so I am sorry for the grammer mistake I made.
5/16/20 9:03 AM
After his successful assimilation, Klintar goes home to test his powers on his roommate.
5/12/20 1:07 PM